70+ Brilliant Easter Brunch Ideas

Updated On Updated May 8, 2022

Brilliant collection of Easter brunch ideas. With the Easter around the corner, it’s time to start planning your brunch menu. Here you will find easy savory and sweet brunch ideas from different foodies. Spring vegetables, light desserts, finger foods – beautiful and delicious treats for a memorable holiday meal.


Discover new mouthwatering egg recipes, waffles and pancakes, spring salads, easy snacks and beautiful desserts and drinks for your perfect Sunday brunch. Many Easter brunch recipes are vegan and gluten-free.


  1. Eggs and Roasted Asparagus – Cooking Journey Blog.

Easy and healthy brunch. Low-calorie and low-carb meal. Dip asparagus in the runny egg yolk!

Roasted asparagus with fried egg, view from top

2. Frittata – Cooking Journey Blog.

Baked eggs with Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and tomatoes – delicious and easy brunch idea for a crowd.

Breakfast frittata slice on a spatula

3. Spinach Quiche – Cooking Journey Blog. 

Gluten free quiche with feta and spinach. Healthy sweet potato crust makes an easy brunch for two.

A slice of spinach quiche on a fork.

4. Pink Easter Deviled Eggs – She Keeps A Lovely Home. External Link

Beautiful twist on a classic deviled eggs. Makes a tasty and pretty appetizer!

Pink Easter Deviled Eggs with flowers

5. Easiest Full Sheet Pan Breakfast – Imagelicious. External Link

Only few minutes to prep delicious fried eggs, sausage, toast and vegetables!

Full Sheet Pan Breakfast, view from top

6. Eggs Benedict Casserole – Cheese Curd In Paradise. External Link

Simple family-friendly dish. Just look at this pour of hollandaise!

Pouring sauce on Eggs Benedict Casserole

7. Maple Bacon Deviled Eggs – Beyond Mere Sustenance. External Link

Smoky bacon with sweet maple syrup and pleasant spicy hint.

Maple Bacon Deviled Eggs served on a wooden plate

8. Smashed Avo & Eggs- Another Food Blogger External Link

How about soft poached eggs with baby broccoli, bacon and pistachio dukkah?

Smashed Avo & Eggs

9. Time Saving Sheet Pan Eggs – Faithfully Gluten Free External Link

Great cheesy brunch idea for a crowd, prepared in almost no time.

Time Saving Sheet Pan Eggs on the black plate

10. Keto Egg Muffins – Kicking-Carb External Link

Simple grab and go food. You can make them ahead of time, freeze and just reheat before serving.

Keto Egg Muffins

11. Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Quiche – Went Here 8 This External Link

Eggs, cheese and flaky pie crust. Sounds good? Shrimp and sausage just takes it to the next level!

Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Quiche served on a grey table with a napkin

12. Bagels and Lox Deviled Eggs – Umami Girl External Link

Dreamy appetizer. Simple flavors and pretty presentation.

Bagels and Lox Deviled Eggs on a marble desk

13. The Ultimate Bacon and Egg Pie – The Flavor Bender External Link

Large pie to satisfy hunger of your whole family!

Bacon and Egg Pie slice on a spatula

14. Casserole with Asparagus and Artichoke Hearts – Kalyn’s Kitchen External Link

Vegetarian, keto, low-carb, low-glycemic, gluten-free and South Beach Diet friendly brunch recipe.

Casserole with asparagus and artichoke served with plates and forks

15. Broccoli Bake – Cooktoria External Link

Healthy, filling and delicious dish for the family of four.

Broccoli Bake in a cooking pan

16. Zucchini and Prosciutto Egg Muffins – Downshiftology External Link

Such an easy and delicious finger food. Eggs, packed with zucchini, wrapped in prosciutto.

Egg muffins served on a plate

17. Breakfast Galette – Burrata And Bubbles External Link

Comforting cheesy egg bake in a flaky crust. Ultimate brunch pie!

Breakfast Galette with a running egg

18. Rösti: Shredded Potato Casserole with Ham & Eggs – Panning The Globe. External Link

Surprise your family and guests with Swiss potato casserole.

Rösti potato casserole on a plate with running egg on top

19. Cheddar Chive Cauliflower Bites-Marisa Moore External Link

Healthier brunch bites, but full of flavor! Cauliflower and cheese pairs really well.

Cheddar chive cauliflower bites on a serving board


20. Vegetarian Stuffed peppers – Cooking Journey Blog

Easy gluten-free snack. Soft and juicy peppers, stuffed with feta and spinach.

Red bell peppers stuffed with feta and spinach on a baking tray

21. Vegan Avocado Burgers – Cooking Journey Blog

Healthy brunch can start with this filling and delicious Avocado burger.

Avocado Burger on a wooden plate – Vegan Burger Recipe

22. Tomato Goat Cheese Galette – Biscuits And Burlap External Link

Tasty appetizer with a rustic look. Crunchy, packed with veggies and cheese.

Tomato Goat Cheese Galette on a baking paper

23. Instant Pot French Toast Bites – Monday Is Meatloaf External Link

It is always nice to have a French toast in the lazy morning. Here you will find 3 ways to make it better!

Instant Pot French Toast Bites with strawberries on a cake plate

24. Cheesy Mushroom Spinach Puff Pastry – Whitney Bond External Link

Beautiful vegetarian puff pastry, stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and cheese. Perfect appetizer or snack!

Cheesy Mushroom Spinach Puff Pastry on  awhite plate

25. Spring Crudite Toast – Urban Bliss Life External Link

Spring vegetables makes a great toast. Beautiful appetizer, packed with vitamins.

Spring veggies - radishes, peas, and cucumbers on a Spring Crudité Toast with eggs

26. Spinach Mozzarella Sticks – Cooking Journey Blog

Cheesy and crunchy finger food for a crowd. Best to serve with a spicy yogurt deep.

Spinach mozzarella sticks appetizers, cut in half, with white dip


27. Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes – Cooking Journey Blog

Easy pancake recipe for a late breakfast with family.

A stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes served with syrup on the white plate

28. Vegan Apple Pancakes – Cooking Journey Blog

These pancakes can be enjoyed with a fork or fingers – both ways delicious and healthy!

Apple pancakes – Easy healthy breakfast

29. Cauliflower Fritters – Cooking Journey Blog

Low-carb, paleo, gluten-free and sugar-free pancakes or fritters for a healthy brunch.

Cauliflower fritters with parsley, served on the gray table with tea. Cauliflower fritters – best cauliflower recipe for healthy breakfast. You need no milk, no sugar to make this easy pancake recipe tasty! This is one of breakfast ideas for kids, that you should try.

30. Watercress Pancake – A Taste For Travel External Link

Surprise your guests with gluten-free vegetarian Tortitas de Berro fritters that are popular in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Watercress pancakes served on a plate with red onion and crumbled cheese

31. Kaiserschmarrn with Roasted Berries – Pass Me Some Tasty External Link

A fluffy shredded German pancake, topped with berries will be perfect for your brunch table!

German pancakes on a plate with blackberries

32. Spring Onion Dutch Baby with Herbs and Goat Cheese – Rhubarbarians External Link

Cheesy Dutch baby with spring vegetables – simple dish to serve for brunch.

Spring onion dutch baby with herbs and goat cheese in a pan

33. Lemon Pancakes with Candied Maple Bacon & Condensed Milk – Pups With Chopsticks External Link

Lemon, bacon, maple and condensed milk is a perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors for the brunch.

Pancakes stack with bacon on top

34. Bunny Butt Pancakes – Cooking With Carlee External Link

Can’t imagine Easter without bunnies? These pancakes will be so fun to make with kids.

Bunny Butt Pancakes on a plate

35. Simple Lemon Ricotta Pancakes – Delicious Little Bites External Link

Easy and delicious pancakes for the Easter brunch menu.

Lemon Pancake stack on a white plate, decorated with raspberries

36. Buttermilk Peach Pancakes – Frydae External Link

This proven family recipe makes peachy, fluffy and light pancakes that are perfect for brunch.

Buttermilk Peach Pancakes drizzled with syrup


37. Bacon And Nutella Stuffed Waffles – Recipes From A Pantry External Link

Familiar flavors in pancaky wafffles are just perfect for an Easter weekend.

Waffle stack with nutella and blueberries, served on a white plate with a fork

38. Vegan Orange Belgian Waffles – Orchids And Sweet Tea External Link

Thick and airy waffles with slightly sweet orange flavor.

Vegan Orange Belgian Waffles on a white plate, served with orange and strawberry slices

39. Crispy Vegan Waffles with Lentil Protein – My Pure Plants External Link

Healthy kid-friendly waffles with a protein boost. Just perfect for mornings.

crispy vegan waffle served on a dark plate with berries on top, dusted with icing sugar

40. Coconut Flour Waffles – A Life Of Happenstance External Link

Dairy and gluten free waffles with a hint of vanilla.


41. Vegan Cauliflower Salad – Cooking Journey Blog

Easy and healthy, crunchy and soft, perfect for brunch!

Mediterranean Cauliflower salad, view from top

42. Vegan Lentil Salad – Cooking Journey Blog

If you need a spicy and filling salad, this is a great dish to serve!

Lentil salad served in a bowl

43. Herb Roasted Potato and Arugula Salad – Veggie Inspired External Link

Light and fresh salad that you can serve warm or cold.

Herb Roasted Potatoes and Arugula Salad served with lemon on a white plate and wooden table

44. Polonaise Asparagus Salad with Prosciutto – Chef Sous Chef External Link

Brighten your Easter table with this seasonal salad, with rich and zesty flavors.

polonaise asparagus salad served on a white plate

45. Spring Salad with Asparagus and Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette – The Organic Kitchen External Link

Another easy spring salad with lovely dressing.

Spring Salad with Asparagus and Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette

46. Grilled Halloumi and Avocado Salad – Cooking Journey Blog

Warm grilled cheese pairs so well with sweet snap peas!

Grilled Halloumi and Avocado Salad, served on a plate and on a black table

47. Strawberry Rhubarb Salad  – Cooking Journey Blog

Easy and fresh combination of fruits and vegetables, served with strawberry sauce.summer salad recipes

48. Strawberry Avocado Kale Salad – Veggies Save The Day External Link

Sweet and healthy salad to enjoy fresh berries for the brunch.Strawberry Avocado Kale Salad


49. Lemon Squares – Cooking Journey Blog

Healthy and refreshing gluten-free desserts that will. Easy no bake lemon bars that will look pretty on your Easter brunch table.

Lemon squares, stack on the black board with pistachios and mint

50. Mini Cheesecake Recipe with Surprise – Cooking Journey Blog

Fun Easter desserts that are easy to grab and find a surprise inside!

Easter desserts - mini cheesecakes with colorful marshmallows

51. Easy Strawberry Tart – Cooking Journey Blog

Healthy strawberry tart is always a good idea for your brunch table! Easy no-jello recipe.

Red strawberry tart with fresh strawberries and mint leaves, sliced

52. Carrot Cake Doughnut Muffins – Food Meanderings External Link

Not an average muffin. This one is filled with Mascarpone, orange mocha glaze and candied carrots.

Carrot Cake Doughnut Muffins

53. Easter Meringue Nests – Gluten Free Meringue Cookies – Momfoodie External Link

Festive gluten-free Easter desserts that can be made ahead of time.

Easter Meringue Nests on pink napkins

54. Puff Pastry Pinwheels – Beyond The Chicken Coop External Link

Easy and delicious puff pastry pinwheels with jam in the center.

Puff Pastry Pinwheels

55. French Apple Tartlets – Cooking Journey Blog

Lovely Easter brunch idea for two people.

French Apple Tartlets on the taple with cinnamon and forks

56. Easy Tiramisu Recipe – Cooking Journey Blog

Classic tiramisu recipe without eggs. Perfect morning desserts for a small company of four.

Easy tiramisu recipe, two individual desserts on a table.

57. Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns with Orange Honey Butter – Kitchen Sanctuary External Link

Chocolate and orange combo is so delicious. And these buns are a must on your Easter brunch table!

Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns With Orange Honey Butter

58. Simnel Cake (British Easter Fruit Cake) – Lavender And Macarons External Link

This mouthwatering fruit cake is a great addition to your Easter table. It is surprisingly easy to make!

Simnel Cake, decorated with white lace and pink ribbon

59. Coffee Panna Cotta – Cooking Journey Blog

Easy Italian desserts that are just great to have instead of coffee!

coffee panna cotta

60. Easy Vegan Lemon Tart with Coconut Crust & Coconut Whipped Cream – Cinnamon And Coriander External Link

Perfect Easter brunch idea that is so simple to make and so satisfying to eat!

Lemon tart, served with whipped topping and lemon slices

61. Gluten-free Vegan Carrot Muffins – Rhian’s Recipes External Link

Moist and fluffy muffins for a perfect healthy brunch.

62. Easy Italian Braided Easter Bread – Veggie Desserts External Link

Traditional Italian Easter bread wreath with soft texture and sweet rich flavor.

Braided bread, served with butter and tea

63. Overnight Salted Caramel Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls – Itsy Bitsy Kitchen External Link

Homemade baked rolls for a decadent Easter brunch. You can make them ahead of time.

Overnight Salted Caramel Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

64. Strawberry Cream Cheese Bunny Buns – 4sonrus External Link

These flaky buttery pastries, stuffed with jam and cream cheese, will be a hit at your Easter brunch table!

Strawberry Cream Cheese Bunny Buns on a cooling rack

65. Vegan Blueberry Sweet Rolls – Yup It’s Vegan External Link

Sweet treat, made with fresh blueberries. A healthy twist on cinnamon rolls.

Blueberry roll on a plate served with fresh berries

66. Vegan Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs – Stacey Homemaker External Link

Vegan and gluten-free chocolate desserts. Decadent Easter eggs filled with truffle peanut butter.

Chocolate eggs on a festive plate

67. Easy Chick Doughnuts – The Simple-Sweet Life External Link

These soft lemony doughnuts will make your Easter brunch table more colorful and tasty!

Yellow Chick Doughnuts on a blue table

68. Resurrection Rolls – Neighbor Foodblog External Link

Delicious and fun Easter desserts that’re perfect for sharing the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection with kids!

Resurrection Rolls on a baking plate

69. Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls – Make It Dairy Free External Link

Sweet vegan cinnamon rolls for every day or special occasion.

Glazed cinnamon rolls in a pan

70. Vegan Chocolate Cake – Cooking Journey Blog

Easy and moist chocolate cake with addictive flavors.

Decorating vegan chocolate cake with strawberries


71. Raspberry Lime Mojito – Cooking Journey Blog

Refreshing non-alcoholic sugar-free drink with natural color.

Raspberry mojito - How to make mojito

72. Malibu Bay Breeze – Become Betty External Link

Easy layered cocktail with a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

73. Rhubarb Bellini Prosecco Cocktail – Flavour And Savour External Link

Perfect cocktail for a sunny Easter weekend!

74. Easy Mimosa Mocktail – Nourish Nutrition Blog External Link

Just 2 ingredients to make this easy cocktail for a brunch!

mimosa mocktail

70+ Brilliant Easter Brunch Ideas

Hope you will enjoy some of these brilliant Easter Brunch ideas! Which one are you willing to make this year?

I know, all these egg recipes, salads, snacks, waffles, pancakes, salads, desserts and cocktails are so delicious and perfect for a spring brunch or every day.

Share this post with your friends and family, so that they can choose some good recipes, too.

Check also these 17 Surprising Easter traditions around the world that you need to know.

Happy Easter! Wish you love, peace, joy and happiness!

70+ Brilliant Easter Brunch Menu Ideas: deviled eggs, pancakes, waffles and muffins. Simple, make ahead and delicious! Including gluten-free and vegan food.


  1. If you can’t find something for brunch here, it probably doesn’t exist! What a great roundup! Thanks for including my Grapefruit cocktail!

  2. What a fun collection of recipes, I’d love to eat my way through the list! Thanks for including my bunny butt pancakes!

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