Roasted asparagus with egg, served on blue table
Breakfast | Healthy

Roasted asparagus – Easter brunch – Brunch ideas

Roasted asparagus is perfect simple dish for breakfast and brunch. Asparagus is low-calorie and low-carb, so it is a great vegetable to incorporate in your diet, for a healthy breakfast. Moreover, roasted asparagus can be served for Easter brunch! Asparagus has neutral, mild nutty flavor, excellent addition to the dishes with proteins such as eggs, […]

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Dinner in a clay pot. Beef and potatoes, covered with cheese and parsey.
Main & Side dishes

Beef and potatoes – Dinner ideas

Amazing beef and potatoes for dinner! Simple, filling and delicious meal, baked in clay pot. You will have easy dinners with this idea. I love individual serving baking ware. It feels so cozy to serve a warm pot with a lid on on the table. It is so comforting, I even think it is more […]

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