Vegan Chocolate Cake (Vegan Desserts)

Vegan Chocolate Cake, decorated with strawberries. Served on a white table with red ribbon on the table.

Vegan chocolate cake is just perfect for Birthday, Easter or Christmas celebration. It is indulgent, moist and delicious. A beautiful treat for chocolate lover! This is one of the best vegan chocolate cake recipe and it is so easy that you will absolutely love it! It has layers of moist chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache and …

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17 Surprising Easter Traditions that you NEED to know

17 Surprising Easter Traditions That You NEED To Know. Making traditional decorations for Easter

Each Christian country has its own Easter traditions. I’ve found interesting ways that people celebrate resurrection of Christ and new life around the world. Let’s virtually travel to 17 countries to discover Easter traditions and delicious food as well. I bet you don’t know all of them! The remembrance and celebration lasts for a week …

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70+ Brilliant Easter Brunch Ideas

70+ Brilliant Easter Brunch Ideas: egg recipes, waffles, pancakes, spring salads, desserts, cakes and cocktails.

Brilliant collection of Easter brunch ideas. With the Easter around the corner, it’s time to start planning your brunch menu. Here you will find easy savory and sweet brunch ideas from different foodies. Spring vegetables, light desserts, finger foods – beautiful and delicious treats for a memorable holiday meal. Discover new mouthwatering egg recipes, waffles …

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Vegan Cauliflower Salad Recipe

Vegan cauliflower salad in a bowl

Vegan Cauliflower salad is a great low carb dish with easy preparation. One of the best keto Mediterranean salad recipes to try during the spring and summer. Make this effortless Mediterranean salad for healthy lunch or serve it as a side dish. Hey, it’s vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat, keto and dairy free! But it’s not …

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40+ Irish Recipes – St. Patrick’s Day Food

40+ Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day. Traditional Irish recipes that are easy and flavorful. Irish stew, Baileys desserts, puddings, soda bread, scallop bisque and colcannon potato side dish.

Irish recipes from different food bloggers that will make a hearty dinner for St. Patrick‘s Day. You will find main Irish dinner ideas, as well as desserts and bread recipes. Irish food is all about simple ingredients, resulting in filling and flavorsome dishes. Irish stews, Guinness bread, corned beef, best mashed potato or colcannon and …

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Irish Beef Stew – Dinner Ideas

Irish Beef stew, served with parsley, garlic and a spoon

Irish beef stew is incredibly rich and flavorful comfort dish. After serving it on St. Patrick’s day, you’ll need it again and again! Thick beef broth with soft melt-in-your mouth meat and vegetables. Simple beef stew recipe, but so far best we’ve tried! Perfect Irish dinner to enjoy with your family and friends. This easy …

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22 Valentine’s Desserts for Two

22 Valentine’s desserts for two for the perfect ending of romantic dinner or creating food gift to special person. Here you will find no bake desserts, heart shaped pies and cakes, chocolate desserts, as well as treats for gluten-free, vegan diets and healthy lifestyle. Best Valentine’s dessert recipes for two in one post!

22 Valentine’s desserts for two for the perfect ending of romantic dinner or creating food gift to special person. This is a dessert collection from different bloggers, specifically created for the month of love! But you don’t need to wait until February 14 or Valentine‘s day to make a creative dessert for the people you love! …

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Mirror Glaze Cake – Valentine’s Desserts

Mirror glaze cake. Blooming chocolate dessert with strawberries for Valentine's day.

The ultimate chocolate Valentine‘s desserts to wow your loved one! Red mirror glaze cake, made with white chocolate mousse, frozen and dried strawberries, dark tempered chocolate. This blooming heart shaped dessert is great for gifting for Birthday or to your Valentine. Perfect treat for your sweetheart. It requires some techniques like tempering chocolate, making mirror …

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