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Updated On Updated April 21, 2018

We want to let you know, that Cooking Journey Blog is Yummly publisher! Near every recipe on our page we have the orange “YUM” button. When you press it, you will share the recipe to the Yummly gallery and your personal recipe box.

Here is our page: https://www.yummly.com/page/CookingJourney External Link

So please feel free to share our recipes you like on Yummly. If you never used Yummly, it is easy sharing platform, have a lot of recipes to choose from web around the world, and has some useful filters for your taste preferences.

You can enter in your Yummly profile taste preferences:

  • allergies (for, example, gluten or nuts etc.),diets (such as vegetarian, pectetarian, lacto vegetarian, ovo vegetarian or vegan),
  • disliked ingredients (think about what you don’t want to see in your dish? Maybe you want something sugar-free, or can’t stand cilantro or fish?),
  • favorite cuisines (32 cuisines to choose from)

Yummly will show you only recipes that are selected specifically for your preferences, which is extremely useful!

So when you search on the web for recipe that you like, you can easily save your favorite to your Recipe Box just by clicking Yum button. Moreover, you can connect it with Facebook and share your best finds with friends!

Yummly also allows to organize your recipe box. It will let you make your own collections with the name that you prefer. Here how you can make your own cookbook online!

Have you ever found cool recipe that you want to make just now, but you’re missing 1-2 ingredients? I love that Yummly have filter “with” and “without” to let the system know which ingredients you have now in pantry, so you don’t need to go shopping!

Yummly also have iPhone/ Android app, that you can use to make shopping list.

So have a happy Yumming and never loose your favorite recipe!