22 Valentine’s Desserts for Two

Updated On Updated May 8, 2022

Here you will find no bake desserts, heart shaped pies and cakes, chocolate desserts, as well as treats for gluten-free, vegan diets and healthy lifestyle. This collection of Valentines dessert recipes is mainly created to be easily portioned for two.

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If there are more than two servings, this means that you’ll have a leftover dessert to share next day or present to you parents, for example. Isn’t it awesome? I love leftover desserts, hah makes me so happy next day after celebration.

Some of these Valentine’s desserts are so easy that you can surprise your other significant and make a lovely breakfast. You can use these ideas for Galentine’s Day or prepare for small family gathering, too.

Even if you already planned visiting restaurant, it will be awesome to have a small dessert, when you arrive at home! These are great ideas for a couple making a party for you two. You can cook and enjoy together, I’m sure that will make you more happy and bonded than visiting a restaurant.

So are you ready for strawberry, chocolate, raspberry and marzipan recipes? Chocolate, red and rose Valentine’s desserts to inspire you this month! Don’t forget to sprinkle some love on top!

Let’s start with some strawberry desserts and continue with more chocolate and fruity treats for your sweetheart.

Valentine’s desserts

  1. Valentine’s Mirror Glaze Cake – Cooking Journey Blog. Blooming dessert for two. White chocolate mousse cake, covered with mirror glaze and surrounded with chocolate leaves that bloom, when pouring hot strawberry sauce. A show-stopper at your table!

Mirror glaze cake, blooming with chocolate leaves and strawberry sauce on a plate for Valentine's day.

2. Healthy Strawberry Desserts – Cooking Journey Blog. This desserts for two are made with strawberries and yogurt, decorated with homemade chocolate lace. Perfect and creative for Valentine’s!

strawberry and yogurt desserts with chocolate decoration

3. No Bake Greek Yogurt Strawberry Desserts – Cooking Journey Blog. These desserts are fresh, made with Oreo and chocolate crust, fresh strawberries and yogurt. Easily decorated with chocolate, nuts and mint. Makes a stunning breakfast, too!

No Bake Greek Yogurt Desserts on the seaside

4. Easy Strawberry Desserts – Cooking Journey Blog. Low sugar layered desserts for Valentine’s light breakfast or romantic evening. Great for gluten-free diet. Really easy to make.

Easy strawberry desserts in glasses with red and white layers, served on grey table with a teaspoon and rose.

5. Meringue Hearts with Whipped Cream and Raspberries – What a Girl Eats External Link . Light, airy and crisp desserts for two. If you’re fan of Pavlova desserts, this is a nice idea for Valentine’s day!

meringue hearts with whipped cream and raspberries

6. No Bake Vegan Layered Cheesecake – Backyard Bohemian External Link . Fruity and chocolaty healthy desserts with hints of raspberry and vanilla and chocolate crust. Moreover, it is refined sugar-free and gluten-free.

No Bake Vegan Layered Cake

7. Gluten Free Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes – What the Fork Food Blog External Link . Easy dessert for chocolate lovers, best served with vanilla ice cream top. Hot and cold together create a stunning experience!

Gluten Free Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

9. Raspberry-Lemon Hand Pies for Two – Cook With Me Darling External Link . Prepare these delicious and simple pies together with your beloved one! Easy pie crust with raspberry-lemon filling is such a comforting dessert!

Raspberry-Lemon Hand Pies for Two

10. Poached Pears – Cooking Journey Blog. Poached pears in red wine is an easy, vegan and gluten-free dessert to try. Pears are cooked in red wine with chai spices. Simple and delicious! Can be served warm or cold.

Poached pears is an easy and exquisite French dessert. Poached pear in red wine, served on the white plate

11. Rose Curd and White Peach Tart – Food Above Gold External Link . Beautiful, light and fresh dessert to make with edible flowers. Fruity and buttery tart that will melt in your mouth.

Rose Curd and White Peach Tart

12. Valentine’s Day Classic Tiramisu for Two – An Italian In My Kitchen External Link . Easy and delicious Italian dessert for romantic evening.

Valentine's Day Classic Tiramisu for Two

13. Easy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Truffles – Savoring Today External Link . Perfect to say “I love you” with these delights. Made with only 5 ingredients silky and smooth truffles will melt in your mouth!

Easy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Truffles Recipe

14. Cherry Trifles – Cooking Journey Blog. Cherry, Chai and Mascarpone layers in glass. Easy and indulgent Valentine’s desserts.

Trifle dessert in a glass on a black table

15. Heart shaped churros with two dipping sauces – Pina Bresciani. Nice idea fore Valentine’s day. Great to accompany with Mascarpone or Chocolate sauces.

Heart shaped churros with two dipping sauces

16. Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Marzipan – Little Sugar Snaps External Link . Sweet delight with a modern twist, made with dried raspberries, marzipan and of course chocolate.

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Marzipan

17. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecakes – Away From The Box External Link . Mini cheesecakes with chocolate covered strawberries is such a cute dessert for Valentine’s day!

Chocolate covered strawberry cheesecakes

18. Mini chocolate cake for two – Culinary Ginger External Link . Chocolate-lovers dream comes true this Valentine’s day! Because chocolate and raspberries go well together.

Mini Chocolate cake for two

19. Coffee Panna Cotta without Gelatin – Cooking Journey Blog. Serve this vegetarian coffee panna cotta instead of morning coffee for breakfast! Creamy and delicious dessert.

coffee panna cotta served in martini glasses with coffee beans

20. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cupcakes – Garnish And Glaze External Link . Can’t image Valentine’s day without chocolate dipped strawberries? This dessert is for you!

chocolate dipped strawberry cupcakes

21. Easy Strawberry Tart – Cooking Journey Blog. Low sugar fresh strawberry tart from scratch. Perfect small tart to bake, if you crave fresh strawberries!

Slice of strawberry tart on a plate

22. Spicy Chocolate Brownies – Sweet And Savoury Pursuits External Link . Fudgy, spicy and chocolate-rich desserts with a hint of cinnamon and cayenne to spice up your relationship!

spicy chocolate brownies shaped like a heart

22 Valentines desserts for two

Hope you enjoyed these 22 Valentines desserts for two and will give some a try. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Valentine's desserts for two that your sweetheart will remember! This collection includes no bake desserts, heart shaped pies and cakes, chocolate desserts, as well as treats for gluten-free, vegan diets and healthy lifestyle. #valentinesday #desserts #mirrorglaze #dessertrecipes #dessertideas #chocolatecake #strawberryrecipes

Happy Valentines day, hope all year will be full of love, joy and amazing desserts!