60+ Best Fall Recipes with Pumpkin, Mushrooms, Apples

Fall is the best season with all best produce that it offers. We found more than 60 best fall recipes from different food bloggers for you to discover more savory and sweet ideas. All recipes have one main ingredient – Apples, Pumpkin or Mushrooms.

More than 60 different mouthwatering recipes to choose from to surprise your family and friends. Make a great dinner or snack and finish with amazing dessert, using best autumn ingredients! Great ideas for Thanksgiving or any other fall celebration, or just for a weekend!

60+ Best Fall Recipes with Pumpkin, Mushrooms, Apples #fallrecipes #apples #mushrooms #pumpkin

Apples are great for desserts such as trifles, pies, cocktails and much more interesting ideas here!

Pumpkin is pretty versatile, it can be used in desserts like parfait, pies, and savory dishes such as fries, soups, pasta, gnocchi and others.

Mushrooms are great in vegan and vegetarian dishes – soups, snacks or appetizers and main dishes, combined with pasta or potatoes.

So let’s make your kitchen smell like fall! Here are, to our mind, best fall recipes:

1. Caramel apple trifles from Cooking Journey Blog

Holding caramel apple trifle in hands with a spoon

2. French Apple Tartlets from Cooking Journey Blog

3. Easy Baked Apples with Yogurt from Cooking Journey Blog

4. Caramel Apple Skewers by Elysia form Haute and Healthy Living

5. Apple Cinnamon Bread from Cooking Journey Blog

6. Apple Bundt Cake from Cooking Journey Blog

Apple bundt cake with white chocolate on top. Are you searching for apple coffee cake? This apple bundt cake is perfect for pairing with your morning coffee or tea. Mini bundt cake recipe for one.

7. Apple donuts by Jessica from The Forked Spook

8. French Apple Tart from Cooking Journey Blog

9. Apple pancakes from Cooking Journey Blog

10. Apple and Caramelized Onion Chutney by Laura from Mother Would Know

11. Pumpkin Fries by Zuzana from Low Carb – No Carb

pumpkin fries

12. Pumpkin Stir Fry from Earth of Maria

13. Pumpkin Feta Salad by George from The Home Cooks Kitchen

14. Stuffed pumpkin with Baked Vegetables from Cooking Journey Blog

15. Cozy pumpkin porridge by Tania from Fit Foodie Nutter


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