Entrecote à la Bordelaise – Red Wine Sauce Steak

You’re in the right place because this Entrecote à la Bordelaise recipe will help you make a delicious and exquisite meal for two. Red wine sauce steak is a special dinner idea for Valentine’s date night, Christmas and holidays. One of the best beef recipes to make a good meal this weekend!

Juicy entrecote steak in rich sauce served with fried potato slices. French dinner for two. And I truly believe this steak and potatoes is a hearty meal for any man! Red wine sauce steak with shallot is a simple and delicious beef recipe for dinner.

Entrecote à la Bordelaise – Red Wine Sauce Steak with potatoes and wine

Simple steak and potatoes skillet recipe with rich and flavorful red sauce. A French classic that makes a special dinner. Highly recommend serving with good wine! One of the best dinner party recipes to try!

After our trip to France, where we enjoyed wine and food and also traveled to Bordeaux, we decided to cook more French recipes. Entrecote à la Bordelaise or Bordeaux style steak is a perfect choice for romantic dinner or date night at home!

Entrecote à la Bordelaise – Red Wine Sauce Steak is the best romantic dinner idea for Valentine's Day or special occasion. Easy beef recipe for dinner, and what makes it special - red wine sauce.

How to choose beef for steak

First of all, when you go shopping or to the butcher, choose entrecote that is cut from the rib area. Entrecote is a premium beef cut. If you can’t find exactly entrecote, you can look for the boneless ribeye steak, Scotch fillet, bef tenderloin or sirloin for this red wine sauce steak recipe.

The beef steak should be cut about 1 inch thick or 2,5 cm. 

Entrecote à la Bordelaise – Red Wine Sauce Steak cut, medium cooked

How to cook steak in a pan

Cook the steaks for 3 minutes from each side to medium or medium rare. It should be juicy and slightly red in the middle. Let it rest for 5 minutes before serving and cutting. I love to serve it uncut, so it doesn’t dry (and the juices don’t run away) when you start to eat it. 

If you have a meat thermometer, you can check steak doneness – it should be 150 F- 160 F or 65 C – 70 C.

Don’t skip the resting of the meat, it is essential for having juicy steak!

I’ve tried to cook it on the regular pan and on a grill pan. While it doesn’t impact the flavor that much, I think grilled steak makes a beautiful presentation. I also find it easier to brush the grill pan with olive oil, while I use more oil to fry in a regular pan, so it doesn’t stick. So it depends on the pan you are willing to use and the amount of oil as well. You can also use a cast iron skillet to cook the beefsteak.

Don’t forget to collect the fats from the pan to cook the potatoes later.

How to cook steak and potatoes on a skillet step by step

How to fry potatoes in a pan

If you’re looking for the best potato variety for frying, choose Russet. You will need 2 potatoes for 2 servings.

Heat the pan. Add leftover fat with juice and oil in a pan. Add 2 tsp butter.

Wash, peel and thinly slice potatoes. Then cook them in a pan until edges are slightly browned, then flip and cook 2 minutes more.

Put the potatoes on a paper towel to absorb the leftover fat.

Red wine sauce for steak

Choose a rich French dry Cabernet Sauvignon for red wine reduction sauce. The steak sauce is made with wine, butter, thyme and sweet and tender shallots. Easy, delicious and just perfect for beef steak!

Red wine sauce for steak - Step by step instructions

To make a sauce,  bloom the gelatin in water. Usually, beef bone marrow is used to thicken the Bordelaise sauce, but might be hard to find in your local store. You can thicken the sauce with gelatin as well.

If you’re using bone marrow, just stir in a tablespoon in the end of the cooking.

To make the sauce, chop shallots and brown them for 3-5 minutes in a pan with 1 tsp butter. Then add the wine and bring to boil. Simmer for 20 minutes until it reduces in half. Add beef stock or beef broth, bring to a boil again and simmer until the sauce is reduced in half.

Remove a thick sauce from the heat, stir in butter. Add dry or fresh thyme and stir in gelatin. Add kosher salt and ground black pepper to your taste.

You can store the Bordelaise sauce, covered in the fridge and use it within 3 days. Reheat the sauce to use for the meat.

As you can see, this is a simple red wine sauce for steak!

Serve potatoes with steak and add sauce on top of the meat. You can sprinkle some chopped parsley on the steak with red wine.

Entrecote à la Bordelaise – Red Wine Sauce Steak served on a plate

Hope you will make this red wine sauce steak for your next date night dinner! If you need more beef recipe ideas, check flavorful Irish beef stew and Shepherd’s Pie. If you need more recipes with wine, look at Poached pears.

Entrecote à la Bordelaise – Red Wine Sauce Steak recipe with skillet potatoes

Entrecote à la Bordelaise - Red Wine Sauce Steak

Recipe AuthorCooking Journey
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Easy dinner for two. Simple steak and potatoes in rich red wine sauce Bordeaux style.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Resting 5 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Course dinner
Cuisine French
Servings 2
Calories 922 kcal
  • grill pan or regular pan
  • sauce pan or small pot
  • knife and cutting board

  • 2 entrecote steaks*
  • 2 potatoes washed, peeled and sliced
  • 1/2 tsp vegetable oil
  • 2-3 tsp butter
  • 1 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped (optional)
Red wine sauce
  • 1 cup dry red wine Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2 cups beef stock
  • 2 shallots chopped
  • 1/4 tsp gelatin
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1 tsp thyme dried
  • 5 tsp butter
  • ½ tsp salt to taste
  • ½ tsp pepper to taste

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Red wine sauce
  • Bloom gelatin in water.
    1/4 tsp gelatin, 1 tbsp water
  • Heat 1 tsp butter in the saucepan, add shallots and stir for 3-5 minutes.
    2-3 tsp butter, 2 shallots
  • Pour wine in the saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer until reduced in half.
    1 cup dry red wine
  • Add stock, bring to boil and simmer until reduced in half.
    2 cups beef stock
  • Remove the saucepan from heat, stir in leftover butter and thyme, salt and pepper.
    1 tsp thyme, ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp pepper
  • Add gelatin and butter. Stir in until dissolved.
    2-3 tsp butter
Cook the steaks
  • Brush the grill pan or regular pan with oil and heat it on high.
    1/2 tsp vegetable oil
  • Grill each steak 3 minutes per side to medium cooked.
    2 entrecote steaks*
  • Let the steaks rest for 5 minutes.
Cook potatoes
  • Add leftover fat from cooking the steaks and 2 tsp butter to the pan. Put it on medium heat.
    5 tsp butter
  • Add potato slices to the pan (don't overcrowd it). Fry on medium heat until edges brown, flip and cook 2 minutes more.**
    2 potatoes
  • Add more butter and cook another batch, if needed.
  • Serve potatoes with steak. Add red wine sauce with shallots on top of the meat. Sprinkle some parsley on top. Enjoy!
    1 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
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*Entrecote is a premium beef cut cut from the rib area. If you can’t find entrecote, look for the boneless ribeye steak, Scotch fillet or sirloin. The steak should be cut about 1 inch thick or 2,5 cm.
** Put fried potato slices on the paper towel to absorb the excess fat.
Nutrition Facts
Entrecote à la Bordelaise - Red Wine Sauce Steak
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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