Homemade Sugar Free Popsicles – Vegan Cherry Popsicles

Homemade sugar free popsicles have everything you need to taste the summer! Try these vegan cherry popsicles that are cold, but with a little bit of heat; fruity, but also creamy. It’s a healthy and easy summer dessert. Homemade is always better, and I will explain why.

So how is your summer going? This cherry popsicle recipe is all you need to make your day better. When you eat these easy homemade popsicles, you get fruitiness with a hint of chili, then end up with creamy coconut milk. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Why you need to make Homemade Sugar Free Popsicles

When making popsicles at home, you can regulate the amount of sweetness, use only natural ingredients. So it’s safe for you and safe for your kids, too.

I added a tiny amount of cayenne pepper and chili flakes. These guys pair really well with cherries and coconut. And when I say tiny, I really mean it, so you won’t be blown away by the heat. If you want more, you should add more cayenne to cherry mix, but not more than ½ tsp, to my mind.

But number one reason why you need to make your own popsicles is the large amount of sugar added in store-bought ones. Popular popsicles will have from 7 to 25 grams or 0.25 oz to 0.88 oz of sugar per person (depending on the brand you choose).

Number two reason to stay away and make your own – is artificial coloring that may be added and you don’t need it at all!

On the other hand every homemade cherry and coconut popsicle will provide you with vitamins C, A, B6 calcium, potassium and iron with no sugar added.

Homemade sugar free popsicles, served with ice, mint and cherries on the black table
Homemade Sugar Free Popsicles – Vegan Cherry Popsicles

Sugar free popsicles

These homemade popsicles are absolutely sugar free – no refined sugar, not even any sugar substitute. You can use honey to make them sweeter. However as these Cherry Popsicles are 100 % vegan, I used ripe banana as a natural sweetener, that’s it! Frozen fruit popsicles are healthy and naturally sweet. Moreover, you can use sweet cherries instead of sour, too.

Did I say these are healthy? It’s a low calorie snack, good for you, your kids or even your dog, if you wish so! However if you plan to make these popsicles for your dog, better leave out the chili and cayenne pepper or ask your vet.

These popsicles are made with freshly pureed fruits and coconut milk with cream. They are easy to bite and so refreshing!

I think two layers look beautiful and fun, but you can combine all the ingredients at once (maybe add more chili or the heat will be lost) and enjoy! This way you will have rose color of popsicles, which one is your favorite?

Holding homemade sugar free popsicle with two layer of cherries and coconut milk
Homemade Sugar Free Popsicles – Vegan Cherry Popsicles

How to get Homemade Popsicles out of the mold

It can be frustrating, but don’t try it with all your power to pull the Popsicle out of the mold just from the freezer. Don’t crush at your table, you will want to make more Popsicle later!

Depending on the molds you have, you can just warm them in your hands for few seconds. Or fill the tray that is at least as high as your molds with warm (not steaming hot!) water and leave there Popsicle also for few seconds. Then grab the Popsicle stick and pull it out with no force.

Moreover you can just wait until Popsicle defrost a little in the room temperature so that they can be easily removed from molds.

Don’t place Popsicle under the sun or near the heat source, or it will melt unevenly and fast. Moreover, the molds are usually made from plastic. So your homemade sugar free popsicles and the mold will melt too placing in direct heat or fire.

Just take your time and be patient, your summer desserts will be alright!

On a hot day it is better to serve these homemade sugar free popsicles straight away from the freezer. Moreover, you can place it in a glass bowl, filled with ice. Add mint leaves and fresh cherries on top.

How long do homemade popsicles last

These homemade sugar free popsicles will last in a freezer for up to one month. You can store them longer, of course, however they will loose the taste and become too icy. But why you need to keep them for so long? Enjoy a Cherry Popsicle now!

Check also our healthy vegan Avocado Cake that is perfect for any summer celebration or refreshing non-alcoholic Raspberry Mojito.

Homemade sugar free popsicles, served with ice, mint and cherries for three persons, view from top

Homemade Sugar Free Popsicles – Vegan Cherry Popsicles

Cooking Journey
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These vegan cherry popsicles have everything! They are cold, but with a little bit of heat; fruity, but also creamy. It’s a healthy, sugar free delicious and easy summer dessert.
Prep Time 15 mins
Freezing 3 hrs
Total Time 15 mins
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 137 kcal


  • 1/2 tsp lemon juice
  • 1/8 tsp chili flakes
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper or more to taste
  • 1/3 ripe banana
  • 190 g pitted sour cherries* (just more than a cup)
  • 1 cup cold coconut milk with cream /200 ml


  • Blend all ingredients except coconut milk.**
  • Fill half of popsicle trays and leave them in freezer.
  • Whisk coconut milk with cream until smooth and combined.
  • Remove popsicle trays from the freezer, fill with whipped coconut cream and milk, insert a stick.
  • Leave in freezer to set completely, for about 3 hours or overnight.
  • To remove popsicles from trays, warm them for few seconds in your hands or dip in a warm water. Enjoy!


*Sweet cherries will be good too.
** You can use food processor too.
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