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Watermelon feta salad

If you never tasted this watermelon feta salad before, you should give it a try! The combination of juicy sweet watermelon with salty creamy feta cheese is so good. Lime juice and melissa leaves will give a fresh citrus aftertaste in your mouth. Perfect summer salad. Ingredients for the watermelon feta salad The traditional recipe […]

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baked sweet potato fries
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Baked sweet potato fries

These baked sweet potato fries are crispy and healthy! Easy recipe, great snack. Substitute regular chips to these homemade fries. Sauce Sweet potato fries are best served with tomato sauce, natural yogurt or sour cream. If using yogurt or cream, I recommend adding fresh or dried dill or parsley and a little bit of lemon […]

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cauliflower pizza crust
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Cauliflower pizza crust

You can learn how to make Cauliflower Pizza Crust from scratch with this recipe! Surprisingly easy yet so delicious. Moreover, it’s more healthy than your regular pizza. There is a little bit more effort to make the crust, but it is worth trying! I cooked cauliflower in water, then drained all the liquid. This method […]

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