30+ Best Halloween Recipes (#29 will shock you)

Updated On Updated October 29, 2020

Halloween recipes roundup is made to help you choose and find new interesting ideas for your spooky party! Here you will find healthy (and not-so-healthy), but delicious ideas for breakfast, lunch and of course desserts.

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Also here are recipes for gluten free and vegan diets. Some great drinks (alcohol-free, too) included.

As Halloween is not far away now, here we share the best, to our mind, recipes from different food bloggers.

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30+ Halloween Food Recipes and Drinks. You will discover new Halloween Ideas for Party or Family Dinner, more than 30 recipes from Appetizers to Desserts. #halloween #halloweenfood #spooky #halloweenrecipes

So no matter, if you plan to watch your favorite movie under the blanket or you throw or visit a Halloween party. You will definitely find a Halloween recipe for you to make!

Table Of Contents

Halloween recipes

Trick or treat? Let’s start boo-cooking!

Jack O’ LanternChickenPotPieviewfromtop
Easy chicken pot pie with Jack-O'-Lantern face for your Halloween dinner.
Traditional soul cake recipe, holding a cookie with raisins
Soul cakes are traditional English sweet cookies with raisins that are made for Halloween or Samhain, All Saints Day and All Souls Day.
Baked apple, Healthy Halloween treats
Baked apple is a perfect Halloween treat recipe! Stuffed with prunes and almond slices. You can sweeten them with honey or with sugar syrup for vegan version.
Meatball Mummies
Start your day with this recipe by Holly from Spend with Pennies. Easy spooky breakfast or lunch for all ages.
Spooky Eyeball Recipes Halloween Soup
Monster mash soup for kids by Jenn from Peas and Crayons. Great recipe for Halloween lunch.
Orange Pepper Jacks
Loved this idea of carving bell peppers by Kristina from Spabettie! You can get creative with these Jack-o-Lantern peppers, you can find a lot of different ideas about stuffed pepper Jacks at her blog.
Graveyard Pizza
Craving for pizza? Stacey Home Maker has a special “Halloween edition” pizza recipe.
Chocolate Pumpkin Cake
What a Halloween without chocolate pumpkin cake with orange layers? Here is a great recipe by Kelsie from Itsy Bitsy Kitchen.
Peanut Butter Cup Spider Cookies
If you want some easy chewy spooky cookies, here is the recipe by Cynthia from What a Girl Eats. If you don’t have spiders at home, you can create cookies!
Halloween Stuffed Pupkins
How cute are these little stuffed pumpkins by Elena from Happy Kitchen Rocks? I would decorate whole house with these little pumpkins!
Vampire bite cupcakes
These Vampire bite cupcakes by Mary from V Nutrition and Wellness are so creative and easy to make!
Halloween Cocktail Vampire Kiss Candles
If you want to make a buzzy Halloween cocktail, here is the recipe by Katherine from Wander Spice.
Candy Corn Martini with Spider
A cocktail by Deb from Cooking on the Front Burners. This drink has such a lovely bright color!
Witches Brew
Another cocktail, using blood (joking) by Claire from Sprinkles and Sprouts. Would you dare to drink it?
Easy Bloodshot Halloween Drink for Kids
And also here is alcohol-free Halloween drink by Emilie from Finding Zest. Cool drink for kids and drivers!
Gluten Free Chocolate Macarons
f you are looking for gluten-free option, here are the tasty chocolate macarons by Chrystal from Gluten Free Palate.
Cookie Dough Pumpkin Pops
Tired of baking? No worries, here is an easy no bake recipe by Jaclyn from Crayons and Cravings. This recipe is also a great find, if you have leftover cake after Halloween!
Halloween Breakfast waffles
Easy and colorful breakfast by Alli from Dancing through the Rain – to pair with your morning pumpkin latte!
Halloween Popcorn
Do you plan to watch horror movie? Well here is the Halloween popcorn recipe by Mabintu from Recipes from a Pantry.
Scary CuteMonsterMashHalloweenBrownies
Make a colorful brownie with this recipe by Teri from Buy this Cook That. Because everyone gets excited about brownies at any celebration!
Chocolate swamp Monsters
Small family members will adore these little swamp monster! Recipe by Kylie from Kidgredients.
Vegan Ghost cake
So here you can find spiders, vampires, witches… missing something? Sweet Vegan and Gluten free cake by Rhian's Recipes is decorated with lovely cute pear ghosts.
Pink Brain Mousse in chocolate skulls
I Love these white chocolate skulls by Robin from Mom Foodie! Do we all have such lovely pink colored brains?
Witch Hat Halloween Krispie Treats
Need a hat? Cute and simple rice krispies by Emily from Half-Scratched.
Halloween Doughnuts
Beautiful spider web doughnuts made by Nicky from Kitchen Sanctuary. Make sure spiders won’t find these webs faster than you!
Bloody cupcake Recipe
Pretty cool idea of serving bloody cupcakes by Tiffany from Living Sweet Moments. I bet after eating these cupcakes you won’t need a nurse!
Halloween Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Easy-peasy chocolate covered pretzels from Melanie from Garnish and Glaze. A whole bowl of these make a perfect trick or treat option!
Bloody cups for Halloween
Bloody chocolate cups by Bianca from Elephantastic Vegan. Because blood and chocolate goes well together!
Mini Bleeding Heart Halloween Cakes
Bleeding heart cake by Hannah from Domestic Gothess. I have no words... You need to see it at least once!
Meringue Ghost Lollies
Perfect little meringue ghosts by Lucy from Super Golden Bakes. I think meringue is the best material to make the ghosts.
Cockroach Clusters
Harry Potter themed snack – golden clusters, made by Jenni from Whip and Wander. Anyone not in theme will love it too!
Halloween Sugar Cookies
These sugar cookies by Kelly from The Anthony Kitchen will decorate your home! Also cute option for trick or treat.
Halloween Prosecco Sugar Grapes
Such simple, but stunning idea by Kathy from Lemon Blossoms. These colorful grapes are perfect for Halloween table.
Halloween Deviled Eggs
It’s a great idea by Colleen from The Food Blog. Serve these as appetizers for your Halloween night!

I think we mentioned all the heroes of Halloween… Hope you will choose one of these Halloween recipes for your table!

What are your plans for this year – party or family fun? We would love to know, leave a comment below!

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