The ultimate chocolate Valentines  desserts to wow your loved one! Red mirror glaze cake, made with white chocolate mousse, frozen and dried strawberries, dark tempered chocolate. 

This blooming heart shaped dessert is great for gifting for your Valentine. Perfect treat for your sweetheart. 

In a food processor put biscuits and process until crumbs. Add melted butter and process until it resembles wet sand.

Distribute biscuit mixture to silicone heart molds and press with the spoon. Put in the refrigerator.

This amazing dessert is made with fruit and chocolate – all you seek in desserts for Valentines day!

Prepare the white chocolate mousse: In a small glass or cup combine gelatin with water. Set it aside to bloom for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a medium size microwave-safe bowl combine white chocolate with 33 ml or ⅕ heavy cream and a pinch of salt.

Microwave chocolate in 20 seconds increments, stirring until smooth and melted (repeat, if needed). Let it cool a little, stirring occasionally.

Whip leftover heavy cream for mousse until stiff peaks. Microwave gelatin for 10 seconds and add to the white chocolate mousse, stir until incorporated.

Fold whipped cream into the chocolate in batches until fully incorporated and smooth. In the end incorporate dried strawberries.

Distribute the white chocolate mousse in the silicone heart molds and let them set in the fridge for at least 2 hours or better overnight.

Temper the chocolate. Set 30% or 180 g of  chocolate aside. In the double boiler (the pan with a little water and  heat-proof bowl with chocolate on top) ...

... melt bigger part of chocolate chocolate, stirring, until it almost melted and the temperature is 46 C. 

Next, remove from the heat, add remaining chocolate and stir until melted and the temperature is 31 C.

Pour on the 4 pcs A4 carton, covered with parchment paper and smooth with the spatula. Holding a a template in one hand, cut the one side of the leaves with a knife. 

Rotate the paper and cut the other side of  the leaves, leaves should be 4 inch / 10 cm long. Sprinkle dried  strawberries on the leaves.

Place the carton in the bigger ring mold  or between the bottles, so that they are setting under the angle. Let  them set in the cool place.

You will need approximately 10 leaves per  serving, make some extra in case they brake, you can also remelt and  re-temper the leftovers to make more leaves.

These desserts are special, small and lovely blooming dessert to make for a memorable Valentines day!

Then pour leftover part of chocolate on  tray with parchment paper. Smooth with an off-set spatula. Use a small  ring to cut the discs  - one per serving.

Let the rings set in the fridge or in a cool place. Then cut again with the knife and place on the serving plates.

When  the leaves are set, gently remove the leaves by pressing the edges with  your hand or helping with the knife. Choose the best ones for  assembling.

Lets continue - for the red mirror glaze: – Combine gelatin with 1/6 cup water. Set aside to bloom for 5 minutes.

In  a small sauce pan add condensed milk, water and sugar. Heat on low and  bring it to simmer. Remove from heat, add bloomed gelatin and stir until  melted.

In a large heat proof bowl add chocolate chips.

Add the mixture from the saucepan and top and let the chocolate sit for 5 minutes.

Add  desired amount of red gel coloring and use the immersion blender or  whisk until smooth. You can mix more coloring, if needed.

Sieve the mixture into the pouring jar to remove any lumps or bubbles.

Let the mirror glaze cool to 33 C before pouring.

Gently remove white chocolate mousse from  the molds and with the side of the knife smooth the edges. Put the  hearts with the base down on the glasses...

...or use wire rack with parchment paper underneath for easier clean up. Pour the glaze on the hearts and let them set for 20 minutes. 

Lets start assembling: Choose the best hearts for serving and place them on the chocolate discs that you made before.

Using a small teaspoon stick the desiccated coconut to the bottom of the hearts. Refrigerate 20 minutes more.

Melt (use microwave or double boiler) 2-3 tbsp of leftover chocolate. Dip one end of the leaves in melted chocolate and stick it to the chocolate disc.

You  may consider using small tongs, if the leaves are melting in your  hands. Let it set in the fridge for half an hour.

Add strawberries with lemon juices in  blender and blend until smooth. Heat the sauce in a pan and transfer to a  heat-proof pouring jar.

Pour the sauce around desserts and enjoy! strawberry sauce perfectly accompany the sweetness of Valentines desserts. 

Hope you’ll try to make mirror glaze cake for your beloved one and use this as one of your gift ideas.