Persimmon panna cotta dessert with fruity orange color and a hint of rum – this combination of flavor will make your day!

In a small pan heat 350 ml/ 11.82 fl oz whipping cream. Sift in sugar, add rum essence and stir gently. 

In a separate bowl mix 2/3 of agar (10g)  with 50 ml / 1.7 oz warmed whipping cream. Add it to the pan and heat  the creamy mixture for 2 min, stirring. Leave to cool a little.

So easy and so interesting-looking, this panna cotta is definitely one of  the best persimmon recipes to try.

Prepare 4 serving glasses – place them  safely under the angle. Fill the glasses till the edge and leave the  panna cotta to set in the fridge – about an hour. 

Cut 1 persimmon and peel off the skin. Blend it with extra splash of water (if needed) until puree-consistency.

There are few types of persimmon available in the market, most popular are Fuyu, Hachiya and Sharon. 

Hachiya is the most astringent, with soft and orange flesh. Sharon is the most sweet and mild of all three. Fuyu has less tannins, so less astringent – perfect  for this dessert.  

Dissolve 1/3 of Agar-Agar powder (5 gramms) in warm water, then add it to persimmon puree. Stir well.

Put  the glasses under normal angle. Fill the remaining space in the glasses  with persimmon puree. Leave to set in the fridge for about 1,5 hours or  until set completely

Decorate this panna cotta with chocolate strips.

This recipe makes four small 150 ml / 5 fl oz glasses.

Panna cottas are easy desserts! They are  made with heavy cream (or whipping cream) and fruits, that require no  baking