Lemon Tart is a perfect no bake dessert for spring. 

It’s an easy sweet and sour tart recipe that you can use for your Easter table or just to make a treat for a weekend at home!

The tart consists of  chocolate base that is made with crushed chocolate biscuits, then filled  with delicious lemon curd! It is a no bake tart, so you can let it set  in the fridge.

Proceed biscuits in food processor until crumbs. Add melted butter into crumbs and proceed in a food processor or mix well with a spoon until it looks like a wet sand.

Butter  the tart pan. Place the wet crumbs and press with fingers to the pan to  form the crust or tart shell. When you are happy with the crust, put it  in the fridge.

Zest one lemon. Cut  it in half and juice with a citrus juicer. Cut another lemon in half and juice it too. You will need 130 ml or half cup of fresh lemon juice.

The citrus filling doesn’t need any cream or condensed milk, just butter. It is refreshing, sunny and truly delightful!

Lets continue cooking! Add eggs, egg yolks and lemon zest in a heat-proof bowl. Add lemon juice. Mix in sugar.

Put the bowl with lemon mix on a pot with boiling water or Bain Marie. Cook on a low, constantly whisking for about 10 minutesor until you lemon curd thickened.

Remove the bowl from heat and start adding butter cubes one by one, mixing with a spoon or whisk. Mix in food coloring, if using.

Remove the tart shell from the fridge and pour lemon curd. Smooth it with a back of the spoon or spatula. Put the lemon tart in the fridge for at least 3 hours or overnight until set.

Before  serving, decorate the tart with lemon slices and cut strawberry.  Sprinkle dried cranberries and desiccated coconut crumbs. Finally add  mint leaves.

Lemon Tart can be wrapped in plastic and frozen up to 3 months.

You can slice the tart, wrap each slice and freeze.