All recipes are good to enjoy for every day family dinner or served as St. Patrick's Day food. 

Learn how to make traditional Irish Soda bread. Easy recipe, with no kneading or proofing.  

No yeast?

Baileys cheesecake is a creamy and rich no bake dessert you need to treat yourself with!    

Bailey's cheesecake

Boxty potato pancakes

Boxty is an easy Irish breakfast idea for St.Patrick’s day.

Irish stew was a simple peasant dish, made with old pieces of goat or sheep meat, root vegetables and water 

Irish stews

Let’s travel to the sweet side of Emerald Isle. You will find many no bake desserts, as well as bread recipes, puddings, muffins, custards and more. Sweet!

Irish desserts

Corned beef and cabbage recipes

Irish potato recipes

Irish desserts and bakes

Discover Irish cuisine

IrIrish bread recipes