Make this easy coffee panna cotta without gelatin. This is one coffee dessert to try!

Celebrate International Coffee Day 2021 !

You will enjoy making easy coffee desserts after you try this one!

This easy panna cotta recipe without gelatin is suitable for vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

Place cream, coffee, sugar, vanilla essence in a saucepan. Warm, whisking lightly

Add agar agar and whisk for 2 minutes

Pour cream and coffee mixture into glasses.Cool them, put in a fridge for 30 min

It’s an easy no bake dessert for International Coffee Day. We love Italian desserts with a twist and hope you will try this dessert.

Heat espresso with agar-agar and demerara or muscovado sugar for 2 min.Cool 4 min.

Pour the coffee layer on the panna cotta(make sure it is set on top),leave it in fridge until sets completely(30 min)

Put sugar, water in a pan,cover with a lid Simmer on the low heat until the sugar caramelizes

Add butter,combine,add sliced almonds,mix,pour it on the baking paper.Flatten,cool for 30 min

Whip cream with sugar and stabilizer on high speed about 3-4 minutes until soft peaks Using mortar and pestle, crush praline to smaller pieces

Add a spoon of whipped cream to each panna cotta serving glass and then sprinkle praline on top, decorate with mint leaves.

Prepare  this coffee dessert in the evening, it will set overnight in the  fridge, and you can enjoy delicious panna cotta in the morning!

It’s like an iced coffee, but better and thicker. We hope you will enjoy this easy coffee panna cotta recipe!