Christmas Panna Cotta is creamy and fresh dessert, amazing dessert idea you can make for your family!

This  time of the year we all want to share more Christmas flavors –  cinnamon, cloves, oranges…

... make panna cotta with these flavors and fresh orange juice. 

Juice 4 oranges to get 400 ml / 2 cups /13.5 fl oz liquid. Sieve the juice to remove any skins or seeds 

Add Agar to the juice and mix well. Cook in a pan on a low heat for 2-5 minutes. 

Let it cool a little. 

Put kitchen towel in a bowl and place the  glasses so that you can fill them under an angle. Fill half of each  glass with orange juice. Leave to set in the fridge. 

Dissolve Agar in warm milk. Mix it with heavy cream, stir in sugar, add spices. Cook on a low heat 3-5 minutes, then let it cool for about 10-15 minutes. Remove the spices.

When the orange juice is set, remove the  glasses from the bowl and fill with milk and cream mixture.

Leave the panna cotta in the fridge for an hour until set or overnight.

Decorate with peppermint leaves and chocolate. Serve. 

You can easily double or triple the ingredients to make it for more guests and family members. 

This orange panna cotta recipe is an easy gluten free dessert and you won’t need to switch the oven on!