Banoffee pie - English easy no bake pie, rich and delicious dessert to make! 

This simple dessert is made with bananas and toffee, which represents the name.

For the pie base, crush biscuits with in a food processor and combine with melted butter until it resembles wet sand.

Transfer to the spring form pan ( 8 inch/20 cm), layered with parchment paper in the bottom. Press crumbs to the bottom and the sides of the pan. Transfer in the fridge for an  hour or until set

Banoffee pie is topped with homemade whipped cream, decorated with tempered chocolate and hazelnuts.

Melt the chocolate on a double boiler - a  pot with simmering water and a heat-proof bowl placed on top. Make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. 

After your water is boiling, reduce the heat to low and add 3/4 of crushed dark chocolate to the bowl ... 

... when it is almost melted, remove the bowl from heat and add remaining chocolate. Stir until melted and cooled. 

Transfer to the tray, layered with parchment paper and let it cool completely. Cut different shapes and leave aside. 

If you are looking for a no bake banana cake, treat your family with this easy and delicious English dessert pie!

Then, remove the crust from the fridge and spread an even layer of dulce de leche to the bottom of the pie.

If you can’t find Dulce de Leche in store,  you can boil a can of condensed milk for a hour in pot with water. It will caramelize and get its thick toffee-like texture. 

Peel bananas and cut them in thick rounds. Place bananas in circle on top of the dulce de leche layer. 

Crunchy biscuit base, thick caramel with  hidden banana slices, pillow cream and crunchy chocolate and hazelnuts  on top. Winning combination! 

Whip cream with stabilizer and coffee until stiff peaks (about 2-3 minutes). Check every half of the minute, it should be fluffy like a cloud.

Place the whipped cream around the pie. Insert chocolate shards, add shredded chocolate and add sprinkle hazelnuts on top. 

The decoration is up to you, but to us, dark chocolate looks good in contrast to the white pillow of cream and  perfect to accompany all the ingredients. 

Also you can whip the cream 1 day beforehand and store it covered in the airtight container. To make it  fluffier you can slightly whip it just before serving.