Caramel apple trifle is an easy dessert with light creamy texture, fall flavors and covered with caramel.

These mini caramel apple trifles are all you need, if you crave for a no bake apple desert!

When it comes to fall baking, first  thing that comes to my mind is apple pie. But you can make an easy  individual no bake caramel apple pie like this caramel apple trifle!

In a heavy bottom clean small pot put  sugar and water. Put the glass lid on a pot. Heat on a low, wait until  sugar starts to change color to golden (no mixing needed).

When your caramel becomes golden brown, remove it from the heat, add butter in and whisk vigorously.

Set your pot with caramel aside with to cool. Put a lid on the pot.

Add heavy cream, salt and put back on the low heat, whisking for a minute until your caramel has lovely pour-able texture.

Peel apples and remove the core.

Chop apples to small squares and put in a pot with a water, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

 Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring, until apples are covered with spices and soft. Let them cool aside.

Imagine whipped cream with cinnamon  apple bites, cookies and caramel sauce on top. Irresistible caramel  apple trifle recipe for real home cooks!

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You surely will enjoy one of the most delicious and easiest fall-inspired caramel apple trifle recipe!