17 Surprising Easter Traditions that you NEED to know

17 Surprising Easter Traditions That You NEED To Know. Making traditional decorations for Easter

Each Christian country has its own Easter traditions. I’ve found interesting ways that people celebrate resurrection of Christ and new life around the world. Let’s virtually travel to 17 countries to discover Easter traditions and delicious food as well. I bet you don’t know all of them! The remembrance and celebration lasts for a week …

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70+ Brilliant Easter Brunch Ideas

70+ Brilliant Easter Brunch Ideas: egg recipes, waffles, pancakes, spring salads, desserts, cakes and cocktails.

Brilliant collection of Easter brunch ideas. With the Easter around the corner, it’s time to start planning your brunch menu. Here you will find easy savory and sweet brunch ideas from different foodies. Spring vegetables, light desserts, finger foods – beautiful and delicious treats for a memorable holiday meal. Discover new mouthwatering egg recipes, waffles …

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40+ Irish Recipes – St. Patrick’s Day Food

40+ Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day. Traditional Irish recipes that are easy and flavorful. Irish stew, Baileys desserts, puddings, soda bread, scallop bisque and colcannon potato side dish.

Irish recipes from different food bloggers that will make a hearty dinner for St. Patrick‘s Day. You will find main Irish dinner ideas, as well as desserts and bread recipes. Irish food is all about simple ingredients, resulting in filling and flavorsome dishes. Irish stews, Guinness bread, corned beef, best mashed potato or colcannon and …

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