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Updated on January 16, 2019

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Hey Cooking Journeyer! Thanks for stopping at our blog. We are Alina and Dmitry, a couple that loves creating, cooking, filming, taking photos, and sharing this journey with you!

On our Cooking Journey blog you can find recipes for every day or special occasion, including salads, mains, sides, snacks, desserts, sauces, drinks, cakes – everything we tried and loved!

Moreover, there are video recipes that you can find on our Cooking Journey blog too.

We love trying new recipes, different cuisines, which why we have diverse recipe collection on Cooking Journey blog. We are not professional chefs and photographers, we make the things we love to see, to eat and cook again!

This is cooking journey that we want to share with you: food ideas and recipes that turned out enjoyable for us, and we hope – for you too!

Alina, main recipe developer, blog posts creator and actual home cook:

“Making food makes me happy. I am always excited to try something new, never make the same recipe too many times again (unless it’s really good). The main concern for me is that good food ends up very fast, no matter how many hours are spent in the kitchen. That is why we started to take pictures of our food – at first with the phone, but now with DSLR camera for better quality and depth – to remember the feeling and the moment…

To my mind, food is power that brings together people and leaves great memories…memories that you can taste.

There were so many photos of food on my phone and computer, more than everything else, so Cooking Journey blog is the perfect place to share my collection of tested good recipes!”

Dmitry, responsible for video & photo making, website and main food critic for this blog:

First of all I eat with my eyes, that is why plating and presentation are so important. That doesn’t always mean a sophisticated plating and complicating design, but we strive to make every dish look good. After that we take a food photo. We constantly improve photography skills, food styling and plating. As we take photos, make videos we always try new things, different angles, backgrounds, lightning etc. to better convey the mood and atmosphere of particular dish. Food photography and videography is challenging, but really interesting.

Of course, presentation is big thing, but flavor is even bigger. Delicious plate of food makes me happy. My food preferences are pretty diverse. On one side, I like modern flavor combinations that are beautifully presented, on the other side, I truly enjoy comfy food, served right from the oven on a big plate.”

Why Cooking Journey? Because we like to explore as many food styles, cuisines, dishes as we can. Through this journey we want to try as many combinations of flavors, techniques and serving styles as we can, and inspire you to explore this wonderful world of cooking.

By the way, we don’t like to eat unhealthy food (even if it is tasty) often. That is why most of the time we share recipes that are not only delicious, but also healthy (if possible), which means using less sugar, less flour, more greens, fruits and yogurts!

Enjoy your cooking journey!

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