40+ Irish Recipes – St. Patrick’s Day Food

Irish Bread recipes

I can’t imagine Irish food served without bread! The classic one is of course Irish Soda bread. Here you will find some good baking recipes with addition of natural green color and herbs (Perfect for St.Patrick’s Day), savory breads, packed with cheese or sweet ones – with raisins and fruits. But all of them are quick and simple.

For centuries homemade bread was a part of a daily life in almost every family. Should we return this tradition to our modern hectic lives?

By the way, you can add a coin in your Irish baked food and the lucky person who will have a piece with the coin will be rich next year. Hope, after eating he won’t give all his money to the tooth fairy..haha!

21.Irish Soda Bread – Cooking Journey Blog. Traditional Irish Soda bread is made with two flours and no yeast. Easy recipe, with no kneading or proofing. This bread has no sweeteners, so it is perfect to serve with any potato dish or stew.Irish soda bread with buttter and cranberries on a black board. View from top. Light from the window.

22.Brown Soda Bread – Allergy Girl Eats. Easy bread recipe with addition of oats and sweetened with honey. Great on-the-road snack or as an St. Patrick’s Day appetizer.

23.Irish Soda Bread Muffins – Natalie’s Health. These rustic whole grain muffins are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast! Made with natural ingredients, with no addition of refined sugar.Irish Soda Bread Muffins

24.Kale and Herb Soda Bread – Veggie Desserts. Irish bread recipe with addition of kale, that gives it more nutrition and a lovely natural green color. Soft and flavorful soda bread is perfect for St. Patty’s day!

25.Gluten-free Vegan Irish Soda Bread – Rhian’s Recipes. This version of Soda Bread is not only vegan and gluten-free diet friendly, it is also oil-free and packed with sweet raisins.Vegan Irish soda bread sliced

26.Irish Potato Bread with Lemon & Cilantro – Cinnamon And Coriander. Irish potato bread with spring flavors. Addition of cilantro and lemon zest makes it more refreshing and herbal.Irish Potato Bread with Lemon & Cilantro

27.Irish Tea Brack – Cooking With Carlee. Delicious and quick morning treat, made with tea soaked raisins and dates, egg, sugar and using only whole wheat flour.Tea Brack Breakfast

28.Irish Scones – Mother Would Know. Fabulous on their own or with your favorite jam. Freezer-friendly recipe from Dublin. Serve it every day or as St. Patrick’s Day food.Real Irish Scones on a plate

29.Cheddar Soda Bread – Imagelicious. Irish soda bread with a cheesy twist, made without buttermilk. One bowl, no-fuss recipe. Look at this appetizing crust!Cheddar Soda bread served with extra cheese and butter

30.Irish Guinness Beer Bread – A Communal Table. Easy, tender and moist bread that is perfect to dip into Irish food like stew!Guinness bread served with milk




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