40+ Irish Recipes – St. Patrick’s Day Food

Irish potato recipes

Humble potato is featured in many Irish recipes, along with cabbage and meat. Filling, comforting, slowly cooked or mashed, potatoes are just perfect as a side dish for Corned Beef and Irish stew.

10.Colcannon Recipe – Cooking Journey Blog. Colcannon is traditional Irish mashed potato recipe. With addition of kale, it is a perfect side dish for St. Patty’s day!Colcannon - mashed potatoes in a bowl with wooden spoon

11.Irish Colcannon Potato Soup – 4 Son R Us. Turn Colcannon mashed potatoes in a hearty filling soup, made in a Dutch oven.Colcannon Potato Soup

12.Boxty: Irish Potato Pancake – Krumpli. Filling weekend breakfast or brunch. Absolutely smashing with a perfectly poached egg on top!Irish Boxty with poached egg

13.Irish Herbed Potatoes – Erica’s Recipes. Simple potato side dish with just 6 ingredients, not including salt and pepper.Irish Herbed Potatoes on a black plate

Irish desserts

Let’s travel to the sweet side of Emerald Isle.

14. No Bake Baileys Cheesecake – Cooking Journey Blog. Easy cheesecake recipe with a touch of Irish cream and chocolate decoration. Truly delightful treat for the grown-ups.Baileys cheesecake slice on a plate, decorated with chocolate, one slice missing

15.Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake with Toffee Sauce – House Of Nash Eats. A classic British dessert, also popular in Ireland. Moist cake, topped with delicious warm butterscotch-toffee sauce.Pouring caramel on toffee pudding

16.Irish Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce – Sidewalk Shoes. Bread pudding is so good for breakfast. But if you top it with a whiskey sauce, it turns to be a crowd-pleaser at any party.Irish Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

17.Guinness Stout Dark Chocolate Pudding Cakes With Salted Caramel Sauce – What A Girl Eats. Rich and decadent dessert for St.Patrick’s day.Pouring caramel on chocolate stout cake

18.Irish Cream Custard Bread Pudding – Savor With Jennifer. This delicious pudding is made with Irish cream infused custard, crumbly cinnamon streusel and cream cheese. And if it isn’t enough, pudding is drizzled with more Irish cream!Irish Cream Custard Bread Pudding served on a white plate and a fork

19.Soused Irish Whiskey Orange Bundt Cake – Garlic And Zest. Moist and boozy cake with fresh citrus aroma. So good to pair with a cup of morning tea or coffee!Orange Whiskey Cake on a cake stand

20.Peppermint Baileys Chocolate Mousse – Sugar Salt Magic. Egg-less chocolate mousse with Baileys brownie base, served in glasses. What a perfect dessert for St.Patrick’s day party!Peppermint Baileys Chocolate Mousse Cups





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